What is a high bay?

A high bay is a light fixture that is made to hang from the ceiling and illuminate an open space. Simple as that!

What is efficacy?

Efficacy is the amount of lumens (light) you get from a single watt. The higher the efficacy the less power you are using to get a brighter space!

What is CRI?

CRI - Color rendering index. It is measurement of  the light source's ability to accurately portray the color of the object it is shining on. The value is between a range of 0-100. 100 being it perfectly portrays the color of the object(the sun has 100 CRI). Typical lighting for a warehouse or industrial facility should be 70+.

What is CCT?

CCT - Correlated color temperature. This is the color appearance of the light. It is defined in degrees Kelvin. This specification can be varied with LED lighting. Warm light, reddish light, is around 3000K and cool light, blueish light, is 5700K.

What is HID lighting?

HID - High intensity discharge. They are bad. These are the yellow street lights and flickering factory lights you see. They use a lot of energy and have a short life time. These lights are characterized by their wattage. See how to replace your old HID lights in “LED Replacement Guide

Do LED lights get hot?

Great questions! LED lighting does give off some heat, but not nearly as much as traditional bulbs. They will not heat up your space. LED lighting is designed with heat sinks to keep the LEDs cool. The cooler the LEDs are kept, the longer lifespan and higher efficacy the LED will have. CheapHighBays specializes in efficient and cool LED lighting!

So LEDs do not need a ballast? What are the main components in LED lighting then?

The main components in CheapHighBays' LED lights are:
  • LEDs - all our lights include the LEDs! We are your one stop shop!
  • Driver - we use constant current!
  • Fixture - obviously
  • Junction box - Typically to hold the driver

What is coverage area?

Coverage area is the area below a fixture that is illuminated by the light from the fixture. Knowing a light’s coverage area when mounted at a certain height will let you know how many lights you need for your space. See what coverage areas CheapHighBays lights have in Choosing the Right Lights for You.

What are some reference foot-candle readings?

Space Type Average Foot-candles
Professional/DIV 1 gymnasium 125
High school gymnasium 50-60
Showroom 50
Detailed manufacturing 50
Open office 40
Storage warehouse 20-30
Gas station canopy 12
Covered parking 5
Urban parking lot 1.5
Suburban parking lot 1