About Us

At LEDFullSpectrum, we aim to bring you the most growth at the best price. As a sprout from the roots of Noribachi, we have the design and manufacturing capabilities to satisfy all of your organic lighting needs.

We have all types of customers from urban farmers and growing hobbyist to aquarium owners. Bring us your project and let us get to your organic lighting solution together!

Many customers ask about the name "Noribachi". What does it mean?

In several languages, Noor/Nur means light. And Dibachi is the last name of our co-founders. Combine "Noor" with "ibachi" and you come up with "Noribachi" (yes you guessed it, we left one of the "o"s out). A high tech company focused on lighting digitization, with manufacturing headquarterd in Los Angeles and R&D in the Silicon Valley. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Don't be shy, contact us! We love speaking with our customers.

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    LEDFullSpectrum by Noribachi
    1515 240th st.
    Harbor City, Ca 90710
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    (855) 905-7010
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