Join the countdown to reducing your carbon footprint with the help of LED lighting

4 key elements making LEDs more GREEN!

  1. LED lighting uses 85% less energy.
  2. LED lighting produces less waste, both heat waste and landfill waste!
  3. LED lighting components contain zero harmful materials.
  4. LED lighting components are 100% recyclable.

3 easy ways to save energy

  1. Change your lighting to LED lighting - we can help with that!
  2. Use an occupancy sensor - no need to have the lights on for no one.
  3. Use dimming features - the lights do not  always need to be at full brightness

2  ways to purchase our industrial LED lights!

  1. On our website
  2. On the phone with us! We love speaking with our customer!

1 fun fact about LED lighting!

  1. LEDs can be made to emit red, green, and blue light as well. Old lighting technologies can only emit one color and must us additional material to create colored light.

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