There are a lot of reasons our LED lights are the best, but here are three big ones:

We use aircraft grade aluminum as the heat sink for our LEDs and we run our LEDs at a third of their rated power. What does this mean?

1. Our LEDs are able to remain cool, increasing their lifespan and efficacy!

We use high quality drivers and top bin LEDs What does this mean?

2. We only use the best components in our LED lights making them the most robust fixtures and lights on the market!

LEDFullSpectrum is manufactured in the USA. We build the lights completely from placing the LEDs on our highly engineered hexagonal PCB boards, to punching and bending the metal for the fixture. What does this mean?

3. Check out our factory tour!

Still not convinced?

Check out some more reasons LEDFullSpectrum should be your go to lighting source!

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